Calgary Ring Road

“A Century of Urban Planning in the Making”

Project Team (2020)
Oliver Prcic
Fabian Neuhaus
Jesse Salus

Project Team (2019)
Graham Allison
Kwangyul Choi

Working with a range of stakeholders the Ring Road project is setting out to find out a wholistic perspective on how the project has shaped mobility for the collective of Calgary. Exploring the complexity of traffic movement needs along with personal connections to the free flowing highway, we are searching to fully understand how the road functions to serve, connect and create opportunity within the city and surrounding region.

There are many opinions about the ring road whether it is viewed as a barrier to pedestrian movement or a regional necessity for business, we all have a voice. The highway project is nearing completion after a long history of planning and construction, we want to know how this major project has shaped your life in a positive or negative way.

If you would like to share your opinion there is a quick survey you can complete for feedback. It is anonymous and gives a medium for expressing thoughts on the Ring Road. 

If you are a stakeholder such as a Community organization, a Industry member or an interested member of the public and would like to participate in this study please contact Oliver Prcic at

Ring Road Place Standard Assessment

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Discover the History of the Ring Road

This is the alignment of the the ring road over the many years it has been dicussed.  This image was produced by Jesse Salus. He has and continues to compile an extensive historical analysis of the Ring Road.
Check out his website here.

The individual alignments can be found below.