These projects are based at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Calgary.

Project Team
Fabian Neuhaus
Gian Marco Visconti
Nikita Kheterpal

Oliver Norbert Prcic

Co-Create Planning: Knowledge Transfer and City Making
RPI - Richard Parker Initiative

As a collaboration between the Richard Parker initiative - named after Calgary’s former Director of Planning - and NEXT Calgary, this project aims to better understand the stakeholder’s role in the various processes that make up the practice of city planning.
With a focus on finding tools to harness the power of civic dialogue and collective community visioning, this study focuses on 3 major pieces of infrastructure that have the potential to greatly shift Calgary’s future: the Ring Road; the Downtown core; and the Plus 15 network. We are interested in how co-creative exercises can be applied to the development of these infrastructures and the city as a whole. Please click on the links below to learn more about each of these projects:

>> Calgary Ring Road

>> Downtown Stakeholder Inventory

>> Plus 15 Network

Through the creation of detailed timelines and network maps, identifying key moments and actors in the development of these structures, and personal engagement with stakeholders, our hope is to provide new strategies for urban development and to contribute to the notion of cities as an ongoing collaborative project shared by the people and ideas that inhabit them.