+15 - Plus 15 Network

Project Team (2020)
Gian Marco Visconti
Fabian Neuhaus

Project Team (2019)
Graham Allison
Reza Bacchus

Fabian Neuhaus

Elevated pedestrian systems (also known as skybridges, skyways, skywalks, pedways, etc.) emerged as a modernist approach to urban design in the mid 20th century and have altered the formal and spatial logic of many cities across the world.  Calgary's Plus 15 system, being among the most extensive elevated pedestrian systems in North America, is a key example of how early experiments in multi-level urban design in the 1960s have continued to impact the present and future of the city's development, as well as the social dynamics within the urban core.

This work aims to trace the story of the Plus 15's conception to determine how it came to be in its current form while studying the motivations and desires of the various institutional agents that allow it to function. 

The purpose of this research project is to examine the contemporary function of the Plus 15 as understood by its various stakeholders. Through a process of co-creation between researchers, professionals, and users, this project aspires to understand the different visions of what the Plus 15 could become in the coming years.

If you are a stakeholder and would like to participate in this study, please contact Gian Marco Visconti at gianmarco.visconti@ucalgary.ca 

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