Introduction: What’s with the “hearts”?

It’s a concept we developed using an academic article and what we heard from you at the workshop.

FIRST, we used our class model (and lego!) to play and frame areas in Crossroads that contained features you expressed as important to the future of the community during the workshop.
These features became CRITERIA.

NEXT, we used the academic work of Aureli and Tattara. In their article, they outlined elements of “a simple heart.” We translated their academic elements into actual neighbourhood components (e.g. streets, open spaces, community landmarks) and evaluated the strength of each framed area using these components.
These elements became the CONTENTS.

FINALLY, we discussed and refined the framed areas. We dropped the word, “simple” and termed our four areas of interest, “hearts.”

We thought you might keen to try this exercise. So, we created a hearts how-to guide. We’re calling it “Recognizing Local Opportunities: A Community-Led Visioning Exercise.”

We have used diagrams and an accompanying “exercise at work” series to guide you and your neighbours. Use the steps below to get started.