Building Culture

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Spring 2022

PLAN 616 - This advanced studio is exploring contemporary themes in planning and professional planning practice. Centers on a real-world problem or client project; involves analysis, synthesis, and formulation of a planning or urban design solution.

It is run in conjunction with the theory course Urban Systems - ARCH 675.

Teaching Team
Hal Eagletail
Sven Kohlschmidt
Fabian Neuhaus
Vincent Yong (TA)

Studio Brief


An interactive installation made of repurposed tires to innovate and revitalize the empty abandoned space. The intervention is meant to make people rethink car-related culture and how we can adapt spaces with historical significance. The installation is a physical manifestation of the concept of a plaza centralized around Firestone Tower.

Come visit us at the Firestone Tower by the Barlow/Maxbell LRT Station.

Join us for a day full of fun activities and exciting games while also learning about the rich history of Firestone, the tire manufacturing industry, and why the Tower is so iconic!

Fun fact  
Firestone produced their one-millionth tire within just three years from its commencement!

Come learn a little bit of its history along with fun activities on Monday, June 6, 2022!

We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you feel! :)


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Simran Chowdhary MPLAN
Shannon Giesbrecht MLA
Devin Legisa MLA
Talia Mimura MPLAN
Diba Mohebzadeh MLA
Sushmitha Ravi MPLAN
Krisha Shah MPLAN