Building Culture

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Spring 2022

PLAN 616 - This advanced studio is exploring contemporary themes in planning and professional planning practice. Centers on a real-world problem or client project; involves analysis, synthesis, and formulation of a planning or urban design solution.

It is run in conjunction with the theory course Urban Systems - ARCH 675.

Teaching Team
Hal Eagletail
Sven Kohlschmidt
Fabian Neuhaus
Vincent Yong (TA)

Studio Brief


The urban design studio will explore a project by examine the dynamics between processes that are generally described as guiding culture. Constructing the built environment means also building social spaces, building economic spaces, building spaces for living or learning. In turn these spaces that define our daily experiences influence ideas of transformation or future projects. In this studio we want to work with this notion of a dialectic process where the creation of the artefact is influenced by its existence.

The project site is centrally located in Calgary and a hub of north-south and east-west regional infrastructure providing the best panoramic view of downtown and the Rocky Mountains.

Together with a series of planning process experts we will experiment in groups the new and emerging tools guiding urban development in urban areas around the world. You will learn about and use a range of processes beyond competition: from Hackaton to Test Planning and Forum - New International Models. Culturally we will be exploring beyond the norm of western concept of land use planning together with Indigenous Elders from the Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 territories and seek to develop an understanding beyond Indigenous planning: from IIDC to Stories and Collaboration - New Paradigms. In practice we will go beyond vision: from Tactical Urbanism, to Build to manufacturing and Experience - New Making.

Studio Handout