Building Culture

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Spring 2022

PLAN 616 - This advanced studio is exploring contemporary themes in planning and professional planning practice. Centers on a real-world problem or client project; involves analysis, synthesis, and formulation of a planning or urban design solution.

It is run in conjunction with the theory course Urban Systems - ARCH 675.

Teaching Team
Hal Eagletail
Sven Kohlschmidt
Fabian Neuhaus
Vincent Yong (TA)

Studio Brief

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Re-activating and re-invisioning the Barlow / Max Bell LRT station convenience store. 

On Monday, June 6th from 9:00AM to 2:00PM, Calgary’s Barlow / Max Bell C-Train station will be transformed into a place of life and excitement. Despite having a steady flow of people passing through to get to the C-Train each day, this station (and especially the tunnel that passes underneath Memorial Drive) is dark, boring, and void of life. 

In fact, loitering is even discouraged in this area. 

Historically, many C-Train stations throughout the City of Calgary contained convenience store kiosks that were used to sell tickets, drinks, snacks, magazines, and cigarettes. All of these kiosks were boarded up by the early to mid-2000’s and have been closed spaces to the public ever since. 

In honour of the convenience stores that used to bring life into Calgary’s C-Train stations, we are re-introducing human activity and excitement by opening a “mock convenience store” where free coffee, water, snacks, and newspapers will be handed out. There will also be seating, bright decorations and a participatory activity for people passing by. 

We will display and provide a map of all the other unique and fun installations that are taking place in the area on the same day. We hope that you will be able to join us and see the potential for human activity and excitement that these spaces and places could provide.