Reference: Hofmann, S., 2014. Architecture is Participation: Die Baupiloten - Methods and Projects. Berlin: Jovis.

Objectives: To develop a strategy for co-creation that can be passed on to other initiators. This is to be based on the developed
proposal using key aspects as generators for an ongoing process of visioning and developing.

Deliverables: An online participation format to facilitate feedback, responses or extensions to the TRANSFORM proposal, including the online presence, the use virtual tools for participation and shared activities.
The online participation is setup in a way to record the activities including the outcome visually. It fosters creativity, discussion and
decision making and can be revisited repeatedly. The playing of the games online process and activities are
to be documented and summarised together with a reflection on the observations/results/outcomes, 500-1000 words.

Start: Monday, March 30
Deadline: Monday, April 20, 14:00
Evaluation: A6 (group) 20%

Have your say Crossroads YYC hosted on Bang the Table by Engagement HQ

Each TRANSFORM proposals are transitioning into an online participation campaign. You can join the co-creation of a vision for Crossroads based on the preparatory work undertaken by the student groups. 

A summary / outlook video of the studio process created by Melinda and Nikita