Text: Aureli, P.V., 2011. Towards the Archipelago. In: The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture, Writing architecture. Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.pp.1–46.

Objectives: The transformation is expressed in a comprehensive proposal that demonstrates the strategies developed. These engage with existing and new policy to find an expression in physical form and relevant programming. The strategy is communicated via a meaningful visualization. How do you express your vision?

A masterplan accompanied by information in separate diagram/maps on program, functions and flows, phasing (5/10/20 years).
The emphasis is on a narrative providing detail on the neighbourhood scales (street and community)
It is further visualized in collages (min. two).
A couple of examples of policy proposals examples is are to be given. Referencing the existing documents outlining how these are connected to the proposal and the proposed changes.
The design process is documented in diagrams summarizing the decision making process and development strategy (how we got here) - eg. Matrix graphs.
Relevant reference projects are to be included.

Start: Monday, February 10, 14:00
Deadline: Tuesday, April 14, 18:00
Crit: Wednesday, April 15, 14:00
Evaluation: A5 (group) 40%