Tactical Urbanism Calgary

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

2022 Project Team

Josh Bateman
Fabian Neuhaus
Rebecca Poschmann
Bulbul Sethi
Max Webber

Emily Kloppenburg
Beatriz Martins
Nooshin Esmaeili
Cindy Nachareun
Komal Patel

Research Outline

Tactical Urbanism Calgary is focused on introducing solutions to the urban landscape. Though featuring temporary changes, these solutions will encourage permanent solutions. 


Volume 258, 2022 of the WIT Transactions on Ecology and Environment “Civic discourse and space activation as a collaborative city-building process”


APPI 2021 Virtual Conference EVOLUTION - Planning Students’ Spotlight

WIT Conferences - Sustainable Development and Planning 2022


Civic Discourse in the Making

 platform

Current Projects:

Forever Block Party at Connaught Open Street - 10th Street and 13th Ave SW - Calgary, AB
Springwood Drive Traffic Calming - introducing tactical urbanism elements along a residential street in Southwood
Southwood Art Installation - bringing pops colour to often forgotten spaces
East Village Pop-ups - introducing Calgarians to the concept of tactical urbanism
Hidden Gems Calgary - an interactive map helping you find hidden gems in Calgary, AB

Past Interventions:

Planters on Elbow Dr SW - painting planters to bring colour to an often grey space

Googley-Eyes - affixing googley-eyes to surfaces throughout Calgary to bring whimsy to a space

Coming Soon Signs - sparking community interest by getting people to guess what’s coming. 

Wishing Walls - giving citizens a chance to tell us their wishes for what’s missing in their neighbourhood. Once the wishes were collected, the TUC team along with the community association selected a project that could be implemented. 

Table & Chairs - a dining table in a park where people can talk about what makes their community great. Using a map of the community, we encouraged people to share their favourite places and chat about what makes these spots great!
Benches - a wish that was granted! The TUC built benches out of reclaimed wood, painted them pink and placed them in public spaces that were void of seating. The intent was to showcase that seating is missing from many open spaces and the public sees them as important amenities. 
Gym Circuit - a wish that was granted! One wishing wall identified the lack of outdoor gym equipment. To support this, the TUC team developed a workout station utilizing equipment that was already in place like benches and pathways.

Seed Paper - a tactical way to brighten open spaces, the TUC team made seed paper with seeds that are native to the Calgary region. People were encourage to place the seed paper flowers in areas void of flowers where there intent was to bring colour and also food for wildlife. 
Pinecone Birdfeeders - enviornmentally friendly way to feed birds and tidy up any unwanted pine or spruce cones you may have lying around your yard. All you need for this is tree cones, syrupr or peanut butter, bird seed, and twine. We wanted to ensure that every part of the birdfeeder could easily decompose back into the earth. 

Pop-up Series -