Spatial Dimension of the Law

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
in collaboration with the Faculty of Law


Project Team

Kevin Kremer
Fabian Neuhaus
Nickie Nikolaou
Natalie Robertson
Rudiger Tscherning
Kylie Wilson

Research Outline

Roundtable discussions with participants from legal, real estate and construction-related fields.



Project Team

Kirandeep Kaur
Fabian Neuhaus
Benjamin Sasges
Lisa Ann Silver

Research Outline

An in-depth exploration of how laws physically shape communities. From sunlight to setback and incentives the urban form is regulated.


Journal Article Magazine #6

Roundtable Material

Timeline ONE

Timeline TWO

Timeline THREE

Spatial Dimension of Law
Confernce contribution 11th International Conference on the Constructed Environment:
Designed by Law: How Law Shapes our Communities

Kirandeep Kaur and Benjamin Sasges, May 2021.