1M+NXC Collaboration

University of Calgary
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape


Project Partner


Project Team

Ken Bautista
Nooshin Esmaeili
Emily Kloppenburg
Beatriz Martins
Sarah Matysio
Cindy Nachareun
Fabian Neuhaus
Komal Patel
Rebecca Poschmann

Research Outline

1M+NXC is a partnership focused on activating the downtown space and improving the built environment for Calgarians. 



3rd Street SW SPRING

1. What Do you enjoy most about your walk down 3rd St >
2. Did you know that the intersection at
3rd St + 2nd Ave is a scatter crosswalk? >  
3. What is missing from the streetscape on 3rd St?
4. Where did the colour go?
5. New life coming soon.
6. Sit down and soak up some sunshine here. >
7. Have you ever noticed how 3rd st SW meanders it way through downtown?
8. Lights, Colours, Sounds, Storefronts
9. Did you know the vacancy rate along 3rd St SW is 16%?
10. Have you noticed the unique lamp posts along the street?
11. How should we celebrate food here in downtown Calgary?
12. There are many sculptures down this street. Which is your favorite
13. How can we make this intersection better?