Tactical Urbanism: Spectrum

Held on Nov. 25 - 2021


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Next Calgary and the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape are hosting a collaborative symposium on the use of tactical urbanism in Calgary and around the world.  Join us in discussing strategies to mobilize tactical urbanism in your city and learn how others are bringing tactical urbanism to life.

The symposium will include a morning of panel discussions from international speakers providing participants with an introduction to tactical urbanism projects from around the world.  Afternoon sessions will include workshops on various topics relating to tactical urbanism and how they are being and can be used right here in Calgary. Come to learn more, share your ideas, and make new connections to create change in your city.

This event also features a two-week asynchronous collaboration on a digital platform, Nov 18 – Dec 02. The synchronous event is taking place on Nov 25.


Confirmed Speakers (alphabetically)

. Karen Begg (Dover) - Canada
. Laura Caraballo (Activate YYC) - Canada
. Jesi Carson & Cindy Nachareun ( Vancouver Design Nerds) - Canada
. Dimitri Gianoulis (International Avenue) - Canada
. Tanja Glusac & Francesco Mancini -  Australia
. Paul Moscos, Giulia Gualtieri and Viviana Cordero (Huasipichanga) - Ecuador
. Danielle Hoppe (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) - Brazil
. Birte Kepp (urbanista) - Germany
. Sven Kohlschmidt (Simeri Laboratorio Urbano) - Italy
. Alice Lam (Good Neighbour) - Canada

. Ivan Osario-Avila (12CSI) - Canada
. Srimal Ranasinghe, Lucia Blanco, Tripty Kaur & David Kowel (Sustainable Calgary) - Canada
. Adriana Sansao (FAUUFRJ) - Brazil
. Eyal Santo (UMO) - Israel
. Rikka Virtanen (RUA+) - Portugal


Symposum hosts:

. Emily Kloppenburg
. Joseli Macedo
. Fabian Neuhaus


Workshop Themes

. Activate Downtown
. Performance
. Social Media Urbanism
. Street Space
. Wishing Walls