Text: Ungers, O.M., Koolhaas, R., Riemann, P., Kollhoff, H., Ovaska, A., Hertweck, F., Marot, S. and Ungers Archiv für Architektur- wissenschaft, 2013. The City in the City: Berlin - a Green Archipelago. Zürich: Lars Müller Publishers.

Objective: Analyse and explore the site through maps and imagery, developing an understanding of the morphological structure, its makeup and configurations. Test the potential by project into the site reference artefacts or pieces of a valued urban plan from other places.

Deliverables: A site map with the collection of identified objects supported by the analysis, interpretation, reference sequence suggested by Ungers et. Al., essentially recreating the last three spreads with project-specific content.

Tessa Larson
Jenifer Comrie

Arvind Gopalakrishnan

Liyang Wan

Melinda Lobo
Nikita Kehterpal Reza Bacchus Adrian Clark Sidharth Agarwal Pamela Haskell

Mat Lalonde