x.1 Outline

The first phase of the project involves learning about Tsuut-ina culture, research, reading, and connecting to the land. A series of presentations and visits will involve members of the Tsuut’ina Nation and field trips to the Nation and to Moose Mountain.  This is the beginning of a journey, that will explore Indigenous ways of knowing in the context of contemporary urban design.

x.2 Task and Deliverables

Working in their interdisciplinary teams of three we create a two minute (120 seconds) video that explores and interprets one of the rivers in the traditional Tsuut’ina territory: Old Man River, Bow River, Elbow River, Highwood River, Sheep River, and Red Deer River systems. Beginning in the mountains, the river traverse the foothills, and moves into the prairies. 
. Movie
. Storyboard
. Drawing

The Tsuut’ina Traditional Territories. Map by Danny Roy, 2019. Source: Tsuut'ina and https://native-land.ca/

Intersections Of The Elbow - Director's Cut from Rebecca Cey, Michelle Bootsman and Crystal Hofer on Vimeo.

Split/Reflection by Cong Gu, Mark Popel and Norika Yue

Muddy Waters from Tessa Larsen, Emma Brodie and Weijian Li on Vimeo.